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Microfiber Why Why Use
24, Şubat 2017

Microfiber Why Why Use

What is Microfiber
Microfiber cleaning is produced by thinning thousands of meters of polyamide fiber and polyester fiber. There is absolutely no need for detergent cleaning with microfiber cloth. All you need is some sudden.Microfiber is used in different forms in many sectors today. However, it has been used extensively in the cleaning industry for the last 2 years, especially in cleaning cloths. As Parlax we use Glass and Mirror cloth, Towel cloth and Mop varieties and present them to the market.

Why use it?
Microfiber cloths, especially inside the special texture and structure thanks to the cleaning during the place where you dirt dust in special pores. If you wet the floor we do not need to reinsert it into the wet ground due to the water-absorbing capillary texture. When you want to breeze, you just need to keep it under water, it will easily rinse and get old.