21, Mart 2017


PARLAX was established in 2014 with 100% domestic capital and in a short time Turkey has got a big market share,

ŞAHİNLER GRUBUN Clean brand which makes marketing and distribution.

Do You Have To Join The New Glowing Star Family Of This Clean To Grow And Grow Together Are You There?



The Company in the Reseller Request must have a TAX LIABILITY and be at least 1 year old
Lack of PARLAX bays in the Reseller-Requested Zone

Parlax does not charge and does not charge Entrance fee for dealership
Parlax Bayisine gives the district protection.
Parlax Completely Meets Nakliyeyi itself
Parlax Bayiye 1,500 TL Cash Employee support payment
Parlax Bayiye 1.000 TL The vehicle provides fuel support,
Parlax Bays Give free product support,
Parlax Provides Regional Advertising and Training Referrals.
Parlax Bayisine Helps in finding customers.
Parlax Bayis Attractive discount rates and Special Campaigns arrangements for high profits

Dealer Begins with order and contract signing of the first 20.000 TL. If new order can not be reached within 3 months, contract and dealership are canceled.
For more countless possibilities, you can apply for DEPARTMENT and UNLIMITED FOODS.

To apply now, it is enough to fill in the form and give us information (PLEASE REGISTRATION OF THE REGION AND COMPANY NAME)

We Are Ready to Treat You as Parlax We Are All Ready for It.?

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